1 Year of Marriage- What I've Learned

Marriage... is what brings us together today. Name that movie... If you didn't instantly think of this movie as you read that first sentence, it's truly inconceivable. Anyways, it seems I'm pretty bad at writing those catchy intro paragraphs to my blog posts. My high school English teachers are probably face-palming somewhere! So- without further adieu, let's just get to this.

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So, in addition to never being married, I never lived on my own, away from my parents. So, with a new husband, also came a whole different kind of learning curve; being a wife, and being in charge of a household. I must say, I was so shocked how easy I fell into it all. It just all felt natural. Well, I didn't ask Carson how he thinks I did, but I bet he thought I did a good job *wink*. I really truly love being Carson's wife, and making our house a home together. Something clicked in me, as soon as I was married I thought, "Yep. This is the good life." And it really is. I have loved learning more and more about my husband with each new day and each new challenge, and victory! We're a team and I love it so much. 

March 31st is approaching, which is the day one year ago we said "I do!" In honor of that, I wanted to bullet point some things I've learned about marriage, about Carson, and the quirky things we do that we didn't realize we did.

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Who knew? I hate doing laundry. I wait until I have 3 loads worth to do, trying to make outfits from the last few pieces of clothing in my closet. ANYTHING to not have to do laundry. Then, when it comes time, I throw everything in, whites + colors together, then throw in the dryer on whatever the default dryer setting is. I learned quickly that Carson's laundry habits are a bit different! haha. He washes on cold, dries on cool, and cleans out the lint thing every time. I also shrunk and turned all his clothes blue the first week we were married. He was so sweet about it, but we each do our own laundry now! *insert laughing emoji here*

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This one makes me laugh. Whenever I cook, or bake with eggs, I crack them then throw them in the sink to later put down the disposal. Carson definitely didn't mention how he thought this was funny for a couple of months probably. Until one day, I think he asked me why I do that. I was confused cause I was like, "to get rid of them?" hahah. Am I the only one who does this? I thought it was normal.





Yep, sex is good. Ok, So this one was something that has so many preconceived notions about going into it as a wedding night virgin. But, I'm happy to report we've always both been on the same page with this one. More is better is the motto around here. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, or you want to read a really good book, read this. Also remember, the process of sex starts in the morning; flirting, booty grabs, and all that good stuff can be done whenever and wherever. LOVE ON OUR PERSON! 



This is something that I think is a facet of every relationship that is a huge learning curve. I think it's difficult because every person communicates differently, then they have a certain way they like being communicated to, then you have to figure out those things about your partner, then you have to be sure to implement them into the every day life. Sometimes it's hard. But, what I've learned as we still continue to learn to do this is; as long as you always remember you're on the same team, remember their heart and give the benefit of the doubt whenever there is a communication lag, you'll figure it out.

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I never thought about it because it was just always done. My dad always took care of it, and I didn't even really give it a second thought. But, I appreciated it. When we got married, I was so blown away by Carson and how he took such good care of the yard. I'm always super impressed by that! Who knew, mowing grass could be such a big turn on? ;P 




I think that learning the way your partner feels loved, and gives love is so beneficial. It makes that person make more sense. I think that knowing their love language makes a huge difference in the day-to-day. If you don't know your partners, and you don't know yours, I seriously recommend taking this little quiz to find out! Here.

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This year went by so quickly, and I loved being able to experience so many firsts with my best friend by my side. I'm so grateful for a husband that loves me so well. I'm so excited for the years ahead, the lessons we'll learn, the growth we'll have, and the adventures that await. I'm excited to learn more of Carson's idiosyncrasies that make him who he is, and to just continue being awed by his hard work daily. Loving another person is the best honor we as humans have, so may this be a reminder to love and to love well. 

Cheers to the rest of the years, baby.