November/December Favorites!

Hey Cutie Peeps! In all of the blogging world, my favorite thing is "monthly favorites" - I think they are useful and I love learning about new brands & products. I sure hope you do too because that's what this is. With that being said, let the favorites commence!



This Superfood Facial Cleanser. AMEN. It's so smooth, silky, natural and works. I hate using face washes that need like 5 pumps to get even a little lather. With this, you need a pea sized amount and it lathers and cleans so well. I love the smell, and I feel like a little granola hippie using it which I also love. BONUS: the bottle and the branding this company uses. So Beautiful. Find their stuff here:



Colurpop. Need I say more? Everything Colourpop with a side of Colourpop, please. This Super Shock shadow has been my life lately. I have been using it in every eye look I've created for this whole month. This color is "weenie" but they are all so beautiful. My favorite thing about Colourpop besides their actual products is their price point. It's so affordable for actual good quality. You are doing yourself a dis-service if you haven't experience the magic that is Colourpop. Find this Shadow Here:


This Pacifica Blush Duo. Mama like. I am scared of blush, which is weird because I'm not scared of any makeup, except blush. These shades though are perfection. Plus, Pacifica products are so buttery and smooth. Application is so nice and they are super blendable. Shop their blushes:



Last, but most certainly not least. BootayBag! Ugh, I've said it before and I'll say it again, PANTIES! I love fresh panties... That sounds funny, but name one girl who doesn't like new undies. You can't. BootayBag makes it easy with their monthly subscription for only $12/month! You receive 2 new styles every month to add to your indie drawer. They are so pretty and comfy too. I love the surprise element of it too! See for yourself! -