Our First Home Project

As soon as Carson bought the house, we both began dreaming up ideas and things we wanted to incorporate into the house to really make it our own. Interior design has always been something I'm super in love with, so having a place of our own to bring dreams to life is super exciting. We've been wanting to tackle this project for awhile now but with wedding planning and work, time has been slim-- but we made time this past weekend!

We chose a pretty neutral grey color for all of the interior walls in the home, so I really wanted to brighten it up with pretty white accent walls. I love adding texture as well, so we decided to do a shiplap styled wall in our tv/sitting room. 


So, I'll give you a little disclaimer. This was our FIRST project. We're not super savvy with a saw or anything yet. But, I have to say, Carson killed it. Not even kidding. He impressed me so much. He went at it like he's been installing panel walls his whole life. He's a talented fella. Cute too;)


As we started, we realized that we probably should have went with a thicker board. We chose a tri layered underlayment board. I thought it'd be easier to work with for first timers since it was thin and light. Wrong. But, we worked with it, and kept our "make it work" attitudes.


Overall, this was a huge learning experience, and we're both super proud of how it turned out. Carson did a great job, and finished the entire project in about 6 hours. I'm so excited to tackle this same project again in a different room!