Autumn Wreath


So, if you’re like me, you like saving money and during the holidays and changing seasons? Sometimes that’s more difficult... especially around fall and Christmas time. These are prime decorating times. If you go into any store, the aisles are adorned with decorations, and they usually have quite the price tag. Then, once the season passes, you have to store all your decor, creating a never ending headache of storage problems.

I love wreaths. I think they are so pretty and really pull the home together whether they’re outside or inside! I just love them. Unfortunately, wreaths are always upwards of atleast $40 - that’s crazy to me. My budgeting ways called for some creativity and thinking outside of the box. — Alas, the changing wreath idea was born!

Let me explain, I purchased a wreath at Hobby Lobby a few months back with a coupon for only $15. It’s so cute, neutral and it’s made of fake eucalyptus leaves which are my favorite. in an effort to create something that can change with the holidays and seasons, I went to the craft store and picked up a few stems of “fall greenery.” I cut them up into individual pieces, and slipped them throughout the wreath. 


This was a super cheap way of adding a touch of fall to my entry without spending $40+ on a fall wreath that I have to store until next year!


I love this because it’s so cheap and easy to change the stems out. Now I can’t wait for Christmas 💕


Happy Decorating! XOXO