My first post of the new year!

As we welcome another year, I also welcome a new approach to this blog. Ever since my freshmen year in high school (2008-2009) blogging has always been a big part of my life. I've had 3 different blogs, each with big dreams and intent. After being discouraged by myself and my inability to make those blogs thrive, I just stopped. I love documenting my life, and I loved sharing those moments with my little group of readers, but I wasn't meeting the expectation that I set up for my blog and I just quit. 

With this new year, I want to turn a new leaf. I want to make time for the things I love. Documenting. I'm going to make time to blog, craft, read and enjoy this life of mine that I've been so blessed to have. And I'm doing it for myself. I'm focusing on cultivating my creativity, and my passions. I'm not doing it for anyone else. I want to create a space for me that I love coming to and writing down my thoughts and ideas. I want to create something to challenge myself. And if you love it too, then bonus. Win Win.

To kick it off, here's a mini session I did of myself and Brinkley. Selfie sessions are such a good creative release! SO, CHEERS TWENTY EIGHTEEN! I LOVE YOU ALREADY!