My Personal Mission Statement

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A mission statement/manifesto to me always sounded so "business-ey" and I never really paid too much attention to them. It wasn't until recently when I was driving. home one night and I just kept thinking about my purpose and my life. Oh, those night drive thoughts. I feel like I've always lived my life according to my personal morals and convictions, but I never really took the time to sit down, and write them down. 

There's something about letting stuff like this just float around all loose in your brain, but it's something else to put it down on paper, and truly live and embrace those things intentionally. A mission statement gives you a clear direction and something concise to cling to.

Ever since that night drive, I've been wanting to write my own. So, today is the day. Let's go.

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In this life of mine, to the best of my ability: I'm going to live it completely for Christ. I want people to know Jesus by my love & kindness. I want to leave people feeling better than they did before. I'm going to nurture every bit of curiosity. I want to never take the small pleasure & joys of life for granted. I'll always value common sense and wisdom in people. I will never stop pursuing God's call for my life, even when I'm at a loss and unsure of what it is. I'll forgive quickly but protect myself always. I want to use my talents and gifts to better this world. I want to be someone who finds humor in life & doesn't take anything too seriously. I want to live a life without worry, fully trusting in God. I want to be a person that people want to be around. I'll never stop flirting with my husband, and always make sure my family knows their value in my life. I will live a life confident in myself and who I am.



It's your turn to write your own. There's no proper format or way, it's just important that you do it. Write it down & live it. How powerful it is to declare your own statement. It gives you clear direction, and it's ultimately a super handy resource for life. 


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