Thank you Jesus for Grace.


Life. Geez. Doesn't it just knock you on your butt sometimes? 

It feels like it comes in these tidal waves. It feels like you're being sucked into the current, and you feel helpless and totally waterlogged. That's been this year and this month for me so far.

There have been so many times where I want to scream, punch and cuss at something, out of complete frustration. But, I've never been that person, and quite honestly, I've always dealt with frustration using humor. Sometimes, you have to step back, look at the situation, and just have a good laugh at it. 

My mama always says, "I think God has a good sense of humor!" I always thought that was such a funny comment to make because I don't think I had ever looked at God having a sense of humor. But, as I got older, and started seeing how he answers some of my prayers, and been through different situations, I completely agree with my mama now. 

Sometimes, there are moments that I'm just talking to Jesus, voicing my frustrations, and I just laugh. I'm not sure if this is the healthiest way of dealing with pain and frustrating situations, but it definitely helps me. It helps put things into perspective. Honestly, humans are just funny. The things we do, think, say, the things we think are right, the ways we handle things. We are all such big bags of sin, that it's funny to see how we all handle things differently. 

Praise God for his mercy and grace. Because I, too many times, have been in desperate need of that neverending grace of his. I say all of this to really just come to terms that we need to put down our swords, and laugh at our situations. We need to take up the armor of God, focus on him, and not get wrapped up in the ways of this world. TOTALLY easier said than actually done, but life isn't easy.  So, that's what it is. 

Today, get up, put down your sword of anger, frustration, and negativity. Laugh and learn through your struggles and your pain. Grow stronger through it, don't baby your wounds. Slap some Neosporin on them, and get back to the race of life. 


yours in love, daryn