Health Benefits From Sleeping On White Sheets?

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So, I’ve been in a bedding funk. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Maybe it’s not, but I’m experiencing something like it. My restless sleep, and the agitated moods I’ve been in when waking up got me to research the effects of certain bedding and if it can effect your sleep at all; so here’s what I dug up.

White bedding does not have health benefits that you experience directly from the bedding. I mean, I guess this should be common sense, unless you have some set of magical unicorn sheets that diffuse essential oils into your pores…wait, that’s an idea... Ok, but really, in a roundabout way, I do believe white sheets and bedding can have health benefits and here’s why:

  1. White bedding makes your bedroom feel clean and less cluttered. Cluttered spaces lead to stress which can affect your sleep big time. I used to have to make sure my room was spotless before I went to sleep because any trace of mess would keep me awake. Dark or patterned sheets can make your room feel like a cave or add to the mess of colors and textures. White is simple, clean and peaceful.

  2. You have to wash white bedding more often. Let’s all just admit it- we don’t change our sheets out nearly enough. I know I can’t be the only one! Sweat, drool, makeup, whatever- you’re gonna see it much quicker on white sheets, requiring you to wash much more often. Our pillow cases should be washed much more often anyways. If you experience random breakouts or acne clusters, I always suggest giving your sheets a wash, because it could be from a build up of sweat and makeup residue that’s living on your pillow case

  3. That Hotel Guest Feeling. I absolutely love the feeling of staying at nice hotels and resorts. In fact, the bedding is one of my favorite parts. I love the crisp, clean white sheets. They make me feel rich and classy. Those are both good feelings if you ask me. So, why not replicate that feeling at your own home? Make bedtime feel like a retreat. *Buy yourself a nice pillow mist for your bedside table as well.. it will make you feel so relaxed

  4. White Invokes a Sense of Comfort. So there’s not direct health benefits, but colors scientifically alter your moods and emotions, and white invokes comfort and warmth, so why not incorporate that into the one place in your home where you should feel most comfortable.

So, white sheets don’t have direct health benefits, but they have mental health benefits and that’s just as important to take care of. So, if you’ve been having restless sleep or feeling like your bedroom isn’t a place you enjoy relaxing, maybe try making this small change to see if it improves your rest.

I’ve picked out a few inexpensive sets you can snag from Amazon as well as a couple splurgier options!

Sleep Tight, Friends!


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