Drinking Water Is Hard, Try Doing This Instead

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It’s so simple, yet every single person I know struggles with it- drinking water. Honestly, we’re all just probably super dehydrated right now. As you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to remember that last time you’ve had the ‘recommended’ daily water intake. My guess? It’s been awhile.

Besides sustaining life (no big deal lol), there are so many health benefits from being properly hydrated, such as:

  • Healthier skin and hair

  • Helps maintain blood pressure

  • Boosts exercise performance

  • Helps minerals and nutrients reach our organs

  • Flushes out body waste

Just to name a few. But for some reason, we get lazy and reach for our coffee, tea or a different alternative to the glorious H2O. Water can be a bit boring, so I wanted to give you a few water recipes to help spice up your hydration game.

Infused water not only looks beautiful and tastes delicious, but it will actually get you excited to drink it. Nothing sounds nicer than an afternoon glass of infused blueberry mint water, am I right? Below are some yummy infusions for you to try out:

Everyday Drinking Infusions:

  • Strawberry, Lemon, Basil

  • Pineapple, Lemon, Mint

  • Blackberry, Orange, Mint

  • Cucumber, Grapefruit, Orange

  • Watermelon, Mint

  • Strawberry, Cucumber, Lime

Entertaining Drinking Infusions:

  • Orange, Cilantro

  • Grapefruit, Rosemary

  • Raspberry, Rose Petal, Vanilla Beans

  • Blueberry, Lavender

  • Peach, Sage

  • Apple, Ginger, Lemongrass

To Prepare:

  1. Wash ingredients thoroughly to remove any dirt or grime left on them.

  2. Find a large jar, pitcher, or carafe then put the ingredients in said container.

  3. Muddle some of the ingredients to release the juices and flavors.

  4. Pour purified water on top, then stir.

  5. Store in your fridge, and serve over ice or chilled.

For Best Results:

  • Allow 24 Hours to fully infuse the water.

  • Drink within the next 24 hours

  • You can re-use your fruit mixture 2-3 times. As the fruit ages, it can become bitter and lose flavor, so don’t try to stretch it too long.

  • BONUS TIP: pre-cut and prepare fruit mixtures, store in freezer, and use when desired for quick infusions with less prep time.

Happy Hydrating, Friends!


Photo by Xiaolong Wong on Unsplash