Trader Joe's Pizza Party

Trader Joes Pizza Daryn Mae Blog Post

I’m so excited to share my not-so-much-a-recipe for my favorite homemade pizza. Honestly- it’s not really homemade, it’s more like a home assembly pizza but it totally tastes and looks homemade so it still counts. *Wink*

The best part about this pizza is that it’s a one-stop ingredient shop. Trader Joe’s. I love getting all the ingredients there because they are amazing quality and conveniently put all the ingredients in the same section of the store. HALLELUJAH!



- Pepperoni

- Pesto

- Pizza Sauce

- Mozzarella Cheese

- Balsamic Glaze

- Pizza Dough


First, you want to preheat your oven to 475. Once you set your oven temperature, it’s time to stretch your dough. You want to make sure you don’t mess with the dough too much else it will be next to impossible to stretch.

I always like to take it out of the package and just put it on my baking stone or sheet right away. I use a parchment paper so that the dough doesn’t stick.


Next, it’s time to get saucy. I always start out with the tomato pizza sauce. Then I’ll add in pesto sauce as well cause I’m a pesto freak. Like a serious pesto obsessed person. I use it on everything.


Once you sauce that bad boy up, you can start sprinkling our pouring on your cheese if you’re like me. You don’t need to only use mozzarella either, you can add any type of cheese you’d like. Sometimes I like to add feta or asiago as well.


I love adding pepperoni and sausage to my pizzas, so depending on your meat preference, beef it up. haha.


Once you’ve topped it, stick it in the oven to back for 12-15 minutes. Once it’s finished, pop it out of the oven, and let it cool for 5 minutes.


I always top my pizza off with the balsamic glaze from TJs. It’s the most delicious sauce I’ve ever had. I actually put it on my burgers and mexican food too. Maybe I’m weird, or i’m just brilliant. You tell me ;)

Happy Pizza Eating, Friends!


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