A New Faucet + A New Month!


HAPPY MAY! Oh my goodness, finally! Even though time is just a continuous thing, whenever there's a new month, it just kind of feels like it's a fresh start. A page turn, if you will. I love that & it's much needed this year. Haha!

Ok, so first let me say that I love random little gifts. It's one of my top love languages. Not like I need super expensive gifts, or anything like that, I just love little tiny gestures to know that someone was thinking of me. Yesterday, one of my sweet students & friend, Fiona came by with these pretty mums for me! (I think they are mums.. I don't actually know.) How sweet is that!? Made my whole day. Then, I woke up this morning to Carson waking me up with a big ol' Starbucks Macchiato. WHAT! The love I have in my heart! 

Ok, Now let me dive into the point & main subject matter of this post. My kitchen faucet. When Carson and I moved into our home, one of the first things I knew I wanted to replace was the kitchen faucet. I'm all about those little upgrades, and this one was definitely needed. It's so funny though because we've been here for over a year and I just now got around to upgrading. 

Our old faucet developed this really neat habit... dripping. Oh my word, it dripped all night and all day. That little dripping noise almost had me take a hammer to it at one point and i'm not even an angry person! So, I finally just went on Amazon and searched for the style I knew I loved and wanted, and just went for it!


Check me out.

So listen, I installed this bad boy all by myself. No help. Just me, a glass of wine, 2 hours, and one wrench later..


So, I received this in the mail 2 days later, blessed by Amazon Prime. Carson was on shift, and I didn't want to make my dad drive all the way over to help me install it just because of my impatience. So, I was determined to install it myself. I watched a few YouTube videos, and went for it. Overall, the process is super simple- BUT one of the nuts were like rusted onto the bolt, and it took me so long to loosen it because of the weird angle I had to be at. But, I overcame. 


Needless to say, I'm very obsessed with my new faucet. If you want to install a faucet, or just give your kitchen a little upgrade, this is a great way to do it! This one was super affordable and simple to install! I will include a link to it down below!  

XOXO, Daryn Mae!

Daryn Stumbaugh