Struggles with worth, confidence, comparison, and imperfections

I don't think much has really changed from decades ago until now when it comes to the perception of beauty and worth. It's in our nature to experience insecurities and comparison, and trying to achieve our own image of perfection. We've all agreed and said it time and time again that perfection is a lie, and no person is "perfect" yet we are always working towards this unattainable standard of beauty. 


Today, I'm calling it all out. We need to be the generation to change it. We need to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love and encouragement for the people we are and not the image we portray. 

I'll be the first to tell you- I love makeup, I love clothes, I love my hair extensions, I love my colored hair. I love all of these things, and these things aren't inherently bad. They cannot be bad unless we give them the power to be. Once you start searching for your value in these things, that's when it goes wrong.

We’ve been comparing ourselves to each other since the very beginning. I think that’s part of our sinful nature, and there’s no eliminating it completely because this is a sinful, flawed world. BUT, you can lessen it. You can diminish a lot of it. This topic is so broad, and I could go on for pages and pages, so let’s just break it down a bit, bullet point style for the sake of fewer “sidetone rants” by me. 


  • We need to stop tearing ourselves down in front of others.  Why does it seem like every time we spend a chunk of time together with someone or a group of people someone makes a comment about how they don’t like (insert body part or feature here) Why do we do this? We are insecure. We can’t help but point them out. 


  • Stop tearing yourself down in front of the mirror. I think it’s SO important to love yourself. If we can’t love our imperfect selves, how can we love other imperfect people?


  • Make a list of what you like. Focus on it. this might be hard, but it will be worth it. Take a white board marker and make a list on your bathroom mirror of all the things you like about yourself. This can be outward and inward. Just make the list, and read it everyday.


  • Make others feel good. Don’t compliments feel good? Make others feel good. Tell them what you appreciate about them. Encourage, and make them feel the way you would want to feel. (This is just a good general life practice anyways.) 


  • Find your purpose. I think this is the most important aspect of our self confidence… knowing your worth and purpose. If I can emphasize any one point, it would be this: Know, and own the fact that God created you for his purpose. For his kingdom, and you are created perfectly, wonderfully and you are so worthy. Whether you’re a believer or not, God created you. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. He chose every feature of your being. You were handcrafted and there are no mistakes made by God. 

I’d love to hear your take on self confidence, worth, imperfections and acceptance of ourselves. Comment below or send me a message!

HONEYMOON: Laguna Beach

So, before I was married, I guess I never thought about what it would be like to vacation with my husband. There were just so many things that I was excited about and anticipating! So, the first time we got away together was a couple days after our wedding, we went to Newport Beach for a couple of days... WOW. VACATIONS WITH YOUR HUSBAND ARE SO AMAZING! Like, just the two of you in a place far away from our normal. If you're reading this thinking that I'm crazy, just imagine this: Never living together, never sleeping in the same bed, etc. Then one day you get married, the next day you're doing all of those things. There's so much NEW and vacation was like ultimate new, but so freaking fun. 

I've rambled, but my point is that I love being away with my guy. 

Any good road trip begins with coffee, and drive-thru breakfast. 


We honestly had such a great time, I left my camera in the room a lot and didn't take too many photos. We were always just enjoying our moments. (I didn't mean for that to sound any certain way. I'm all about taking pics, I honestly just didn't feel like carrying my camera around much.) 

We ate GOOD. Oh my gosh. If Laguna is anything, It's delicious. Something I love about beach towns is how they are all near the ocean with spectacular views. We can be eating tacos and get to see the ocean, and smell the saltwater. It's honestly so great. 

Upon arrival at our hotel, they offered us a glass of sangria, and you NEVER say no to sangria. They walked us to our charming room, and had iced down champagne waiting for us to celebrate our marriage! Carson and I loved walking the hotel grounds and just appreciating all it's little details. It was such a quaint, peaceful corner of the world. I loved it. 

The staff was so friendly and accommodating! We had such a good customer service experience. They also offer a continental breakfast every morning which was so yummy. They offered fresh croissants, banana bread, quiche, and greek yogurt parfaits, etc. It was so precious and presented so beautifully. 

We had such an amazing time, and I can't wait to get away with my guy again. Thanks for having us, Laguna!

A quick & easy hair extension style!

I LOVE MY EXTENSIONS. I can't say it enough, or loud enough. I'm such a long hair girl. I feel so confident when my locks are long. I don't know the reason why, but I love it. At first I struggled with them because I felt like I never had the time to style or insert them on a daily basis! With practice and repetition, this is one of my favorite quick stylings! Peek the bottom for a video tutorial on my YouTube channel! 



Shoutout to LUXY HAIR for making these bomb booty extensions! 💖🙌🏼