Trader Joe's Pizza Party

Trader Joes Pizza Daryn Mae Blog Post

I’m so excited to share my not-so-much-a-recipe for my favorite homemade pizza. Honestly- it’s not really homemade, it’s more like a home assembly pizza but it totally tastes and looks homemade so it still counts. *Wink*

The best part about this pizza is that it’s a one-stop ingredient shop. Trader Joe’s. I love getting all the ingredients there because they are amazing quality and conveniently put all the ingredients in the same section of the store. HALLELUJAH!



- Pepperoni

- Pesto

- Pizza Sauce

- Mozzarella Cheese

- Balsamic Glaze

- Pizza Dough


First, you want to preheat your oven to 475. Once you set your oven temperature, it’s time to stretch your dough. You want to make sure you don’t mess with the dough too much else it will be next to impossible to stretch.

I always like to take it out of the package and just put it on my baking stone or sheet right away. I use a parchment paper so that the dough doesn’t stick.


Next, it’s time to get saucy. I always start out with the tomato pizza sauce. Then I’ll add in pesto sauce as well cause I’m a pesto freak. Like a serious pesto obsessed person. I use it on everything.


Once you sauce that bad boy up, you can start sprinkling our pouring on your cheese if you’re like me. You don’t need to only use mozzarella either, you can add any type of cheese you’d like. Sometimes I like to add feta or asiago as well.


I love adding pepperoni and sausage to my pizzas, so depending on your meat preference, beef it up. haha.


Once you’ve topped it, stick it in the oven to back for 12-15 minutes. Once it’s finished, pop it out of the oven, and let it cool for 5 minutes.


I always top my pizza off with the balsamic glaze from TJs. It’s the most delicious sauce I’ve ever had. I actually put it on my burgers and mexican food too. Maybe I’m weird, or i’m just brilliant. You tell me ;)

Happy Pizza Eating, Friends!


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Hanging Shower Eucalyptus


Whenever people ask me what my favorite flower is, I always say eucalyptus. Ok, I know it’s not a flower, but it’s my favorite. My wedding bouquet was just straight up eucalyptus. The best part about it is that it not only looks pretty and smells pretty, but it has some amazing perks that are super beneficial for your health!

Eucalyptus has antibacterial properties, helps boost your immune system, and helps with joint pain as well. On top of those awesome benefits, it’s also super relaxing. In fact, it’s one of the first ingredients in any natural thing that promotes a better night sleep. I personally love diffusing eucalyptus oil at night in the diffuser next to my bed.


I recently heard of people adding fresh eucalyptus in their shower, and I absolutely loved that idea. I decided to try it for myself, and wanted to share with you this quick little DIY on turning your shower into the most relaxing place in your home.


Step 1

You’ll need a piece of jute string. I like to half this piece and tie a knot around the top part of the bunch once.


Step 2

Once you tie that first knot, you’ll wrap the remainder around the stems. Once you have a few inches left, you’ll tuck that through the wrapped area leaving out one single loop.


Step 3

Use this loop to hang from the top of your shower head, as much out of the water as you can.


I’m pretty obsessed with this because not only does it have so many health benefits, it looks so beautiful, and makes taking a shower feel even more relaxing than it already is.

The eucalyptus will last about 3-4 weeks and should be replaced after that. Trader Joes always has a great price on eucalyptus. This bunch cost me only $2.99.


Happy relaxing friends! Let me know if you’ve tried this before, or if you’re going to buy some eucalyptus this week ;)

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Bartlett Bungalow: Room Reveals

I can't even tell you how excited I am writing this post. This design project has been so fun for many reasons, but the top reason is that it's my parent's house. My dad, the contractor, works so freakishly hard, so I'm stoked to finally be able to work alongside him and turn their house into a space that fits them perfectly.


Objective | Create a cozy room for the whole family to relax and enjoy time with each other.

Living Room Reveal.jpg


This living space is directly attached to the kitchen and breakfast nook. The kitchen is very clean with white cabinets, so we wanted to make sure this room carried out a very "fresh" aesthetic with subtle accents and nothing too harsh. 

Materials and fabrics have a big part in how a room feels, and that's why I love this room so much. We incorporated a lot of texture through the linen look couch, the brick on the fireplace, to the wood accents.


Objective | Create a space that feels like a retreat. Something cozy, and inviting.

Master Suite Reveal.jpg


For the master suite, we wanted to make this space really special. We wanted a very soft aesthetic in here because we wanted it to feel super cozy like a space you want to curl up in with a cup of coffee and a good book. 

We cut down on furniture in this room including getting rid of a dresser- so in solution to the dresser, we built out 2 his/her closets on each side of the bed. We wanted something that frames the bed space and so we added this gorgeous ship-lapped wall with some pretty, warm lighting above.


Objective | Create a solution to hallway space that is functional and flows with the connecting rooms.

Coffee Bar.jpg


This hallways space originally had built-in upper and lower shelves. It didn't really serve any purpose and looked very bulky. We wanted to take that out and turn it into a space for a coffee bar since it's right off the kitchen and dining room area. 

We found this super unique hutch that fits perfectly here. I love this area because there's so much function in one tiny spot. We added a "charging station" for guests to charge their phone and other devices. It's equipped with cords and a basket for storing. 


Objective | Create a unique office space that doubles as a massage and relaxation room.

Massage Room.jpg


This room is clearly unique. They had an extra bedroom to work with, and they wanted to get creative and out of the box with it. My mom is a former masseuse and loved the idea of having a massage/relaxation room. 

She knew she wanted a "bohemian" themed room. She loves bright colors, and patterns, and that is totally up my alley. I'm all about this look so this room was so much fun to put together. The best thing about bohemian style is that there's nothing you can't do. I love pushing that design envelope with finding the perfect patterns and colors to mix. 

This room was fun to work with because we wanted it to double as an office, but also a place to escape. So, we added these roman shades where the closet doors used to be to hide a desk space behind. When it's time to work, just roll up the shades. When the day is done, roll them back down. So functional, and fits the style of the room!


Objective | Design a room that is inviting, with ample seating & warm vibes.

Dining Room.jpg


This room is the perfect mix of farmhouse/rustic/bohemian which are all common themes throughout the home. The wooden table is kind of a family staple. It's been in the family for years, and I love the story behind it. 

We knew we wanted to incorporate some pattern in here, and these chairs are the perfect accent. This room is a great gathering space for the whole family, and a lot of food!

Did you miss the other room reveals for the Bartlett Bungalow? Check those out below!

I Hope you enjoyed this reveal! Tell me your favorite room & details in the comments below!



My Personal Mission Statement

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A mission statement/manifesto to me always sounded so "business-ey" and I never really paid too much attention to them. It wasn't until recently when I was driving. home one night and I just kept thinking about my purpose and my life. Oh, those night drive thoughts. I feel like I've always lived my life according to my personal morals and convictions, but I never really took the time to sit down, and write them down. 

There's something about letting stuff like this just float around all loose in your brain, but it's something else to put it down on paper, and truly live and embrace those things intentionally. A mission statement gives you a clear direction and something concise to cling to.

Ever since that night drive, I've been wanting to write my own. So, today is the day. Let's go.

vintage moody grunge style photography on Daryn Mae blog


In this life of mine, to the best of my ability: I'm going to live it completely for Christ. I want people to know Jesus by my love & kindness. I want to leave people feeling better than they did before. I'm going to nurture every bit of curiosity. I want to never take the small pleasure & joys of life for granted. I'll always value common sense and wisdom in people. I will never stop pursuing God's call for my life, even when I'm at a loss and unsure of what it is. I'll forgive quickly but protect myself always. I want to use my talents and gifts to better this world. I want to be someone who finds humor in life & doesn't take anything too seriously. I want to live a life without worry, fully trusting in God. I want to be a person that people want to be around. I'll never stop flirting with my husband, and always make sure my family knows their value in my life. I will live a life confident in myself and who I am.



It's your turn to write your own. There's no proper format or way, it's just important that you do it. Write it down & live it. How powerful it is to declare your own statement. It gives you clear direction, and it's ultimately a super handy resource for life. 


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An Open Letter to The Families of The Fallen;


Dear Families, 

I’d like to begin this letter with an apology. An apology for those in our nation who are ignorant, and whose agenda’s are selfish. I apologize on behalf of the privileged, naive players on teams who insult you and our nation. I apologize for those who don’t recognize the heroism of your loved one. 

With that, I’d like to thank you on behalf of myself and all the American’s who love this country. I’d like to focus on what you’ve sacrificed. 

This day is a day that is easily fogged by mega sales and celebrations. It’s a day where people party and enjoy a day off work. It is a day though, that must be seen for what it is. It is a day on which we pay you, the families, our respects for your loved one who laid down their life for this country. For us. Our anthem speaks, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” This day is a day we must honor and remember those brave ones. 

When I think about you, I think about the feeling in your stomach when you heard the car doors slam, and the feeling you had when you saw the two officers standing at your door as they removed their hats. I think about you, and how you must think about that last hug you gave them, and how you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to do that again. I think about you and where you display that folded up flag in your home. I think about you and how you feel when you wake up on this day. I think about what our nation would be like if it weren’t for them. 

This day is about being incredibly grateful for the men and women who stood up for us. Who loved their country enough to die for it. I can’t say I’m brave enough to do that. But you are, because you are part of them. You are brave and courageous for standing beside them as they stood on the lines. 

Our freedom is easily something we take for granted because most of us have never known anything different. We just expect it. We wake up everyday and have it. But you, you have been an integral part in making the freedom in this nation possible. 

I feel great pride in this country, for what we stand for, and my appreciation for your men and women is hard to put into words. Their bravery & courage is recognized. My prayer is that you, the families, know that and feel that from the rest of this country on this day, but on everyday after. I pray that the people of this country would recognize the sacrifice that thousands have given for them. 

“There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.”

    -John 15:13

Today, we celebrate the ones you held dear. We thank you. Your broken hearts are not in vain.

This country is not what it is without who you’ve given. And to the ones who continue to stand bravely, we thank you. You are heroes and make our blessed lives even more blessed. 



8 Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation and Inspiration Tips. How to avoid discouragement by Daryn Mae Blog

Staying motivated is sometimes the hardest challenge we can face as business owners, entrepreneurs, moms, and really any other profession. It's so easy to be distracted, discouraged, and left with empty tanks. I know that feeling all too well. Quite honestly, I'm still working through finding exactly what works, the best methods and practices to stay motivated and on top of my to-do list. 

In effort to maybe shed some light on this challenge that we're all plagued with that not many people talk about, I'm going to share a few ways that help me stay motivated that might be great things to add to your life to keep yourself going as well! 

Let's dive right on in!


For me, I personally love to wake up and add a time of bible reading, devotional, or just a silent time with God. I love being able to just focus on what God has been doing in my life, and just really connecting with him before the day gets hustlin' and bustlin'. 

Maybe that's not your thing, that's ok! I recommend any sort of silent time. If you're a reader, spend some time in a good book with your coffee before you get going. 

I realize this step seems like more of a "luxury" but if it means waking up earlier, do it. It honestly changes how you feel, and how your day goes. Plus, being up early honestly feels good after the grogginess wears off!



This one is new to my motivation list. I HATE to exercise. I always have. I'm just a miserable little human when it comes to this part of life. BUT, I'm typing this as a completely different person. I started going to a crossfit gym, and this has really changed my outlook on my diet, my body, and my overall sense of health. I've loved waking up every morning, getting to the gym and working my butt off because even before I've accomplished anything for work- I accomplished a workout. I did something so important for my body and my health and it get's my fire going for the day. 

Maybe crossfit isn't your thing, that's ok! Maybe just taking the dogs for a walk, going on a jog, or taking a short bike ride. 

I think this step is so beneficial to your day because your health is the most valuable thing we own. And it's up to us to take care of it. If our workload doesn't allow for any sort of self-care, you need to re-evaluate your schedule. Shift & prioritize! You won't regret this, guys!



I'm a pretty routine girl when it comes to my breakfast. I usually eat the same thing. It's quick and easy and pretty healthy. It provides me with just enough fuel to get through that first hunch of the day.

This step is so important just so we are giving our bodies the nutrients it needs to function at optimal potential. Working on an empty stomach for me just leads to frustration and a headache. I also don't get nearly as much done because my brain isn't going at 100%. 

EAT WELL, GUYS! I like to freeze strawberries and bananas too for a quick smoothie when I feel like I need a little energy boost! Something simple like that goes a long way!



Starting your work for the day is 100 times simpler when you don't have your to-do list floating around in your head. I have found that sitting down at my desk for 10 minutes before I start work to really sift through the things I need to do- it's helped immensely. It's kind of like a warmup to your workday. 

I write down all the tasks that are most pressing for that day. I will sometimes alot a certain amount of time right next to it. So, say a task should only take me 30 minutes, I write that down, and I will time myself to do that very thing. It helps stay on track and focused. 

Having a clear mind also helps when you're working on a project because you've already planned your agenda, you don't need to have those anxious feelings of "shoot, I have this to do as well, OH and this." etc. 



I have a job that allows some flexibility. So, I understand if this step isn't applicable to you- but if it is- I guarantee this will be your new favorite way to work. 

Take one task for one day. If you have the ability to work on just one project for the entire day, do it. Dedicate the necessary amount of time to complete a project and complete it well. 

So much of the time we are trying to multi-task and crank out work. But, in the end, it's just not conducive to great work.  



Sometimes it feels like we are just running on a hamster wheel. We get discouraged, and just tend to dwindle down to nothing. It's so important to remember your purpose. Why are you working towards this (your goal)! 

I think writing down a little mission statement or purpose statement to tape on your computer is a great way to consistently be reminded. It's like that little push saying "you got this, girl."

It's easy to get lost in the tasks and to-dos. Remember what drives your passion, and why you're doing what you're doing. 



THIS! You guys, I see this so much in my own life as well as the people I'm closest too. We say "Yes" to everything. We fear disappointing others, but really we end up letting ourselves and our businesses down when we do this. 

We need to protect our yes and remember that 'no' doesn't have to be harsh. No is simply prioritizing your life, your business, and what truly matters and what's going to be beneficial for those things. 

If saying "Yes" means bringing on stress, it needs to be a 'No." A nice no!


08. REST

Can I just say "OMG!" for a minute here, guys? This one is probably the most important one. I find myself the least motivated when I'm on empty, my house is neglected, the things I love have been put on the backburner, etc. It's not cool.

Resting is always the step people automatically rule out. "Oh, no way! I'm way too BUSY to rest." No, guys! Resting is so important to your success. And if you're too "busy" to rest- you need to shift + reprioritize!

* Remember: "Busy is not a badge of honor." Busy doesn't mean successful. 


I hope these little tips may be of great service to you and your productivity! Staying motivated isn't always easy, but it's nice knowing we all have those struggles! Don't forget, we're all in this together! Do you have other ways you stay motivated? Let me know in the comments!

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May Favorites!


"...and these are a few of my favorite things!" I can't ever make these posts without thinking about that song.

This month I've gathered a few things that I absolutely adore & have been using lots this month. So, let's dig in!



The Giving Keys are hands down, one of my favorite companies. I love what they stand for, and what they put out. These are my keys, and I love layering them with each other. 

I've also been super crushing on mixing coppers, golds, and silvers together in one outfit. I just love those tones! 



It's not a secret that I'm slightly obsessed with candles. I just want all of them. I've been totally loving the LAB Candles lately. This one smells so amazing & they are so pretty too. I love being able to accent any space with a pretty candle, and these LAB candles make it so easy! 



OH MY GOODNESS. I wish you could smell this through your computer.. You can go to Target though and smell it for yourself! So, this brand Good Chemistry has a line of perfumes at Target and they honestly all smell so amazing. This one was my personal favorite & couldn't resist. So, this is what I'll be wearing all summer. 

I love the packaging of their pretty little bottles & I love how I can also throw it in my bag if I'm going to be out all day. I love the size & you can't beat the price for a nice quality perfume!



I'm totally loving this nail polish formula by Sally Hansen- It's seriously the quickest drying polish, and you can definitely get away with one coat. It's also super long lasting and it hasn't chipped once on my nails. 

I love this 'Expresso' color. It's such a pretty feminine pink mauvey shade & it matches everything! 



This is my favorite of all my favorites. So, this is a devotional called "Breathing Room" by Sandra Stanley.

My church gifted one of these beautiful devotionals to each woman at our church on Mother's Day! It's designed for a small group. So, grab a couple friends to grab coffee with each week, and go through this together.


Thanks for checking out my favorites of May! What products have you been loving lately?

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How to Style a Faux Fireplace


I absolutely love finding unconventional statement pieces for the house. They usually need some TLC, and that's part of what I love about it. You get to truly make something your own that fits your families needs & vision. 

This mantel is super special to me because the mantel itself was given to me from a friends home, and it was this orangey brown color. It's so heavy and pretty hard to assemble. So, I stared at it for a month or so before I got up the courage to actually paint and refinish it! Once that was finally complete, I knew I was going to have to figure out a way to adhere it to the wall, and tie it into the room. 

I came home one evening, and I walked into the house and saw this beautiful mantel & fireplace facade complete and ready to decorate. My sweet husband surprised me by totally completing this project and making it everything I wanted. 

That's why this is so special to me. And I love that it's such a statement in our home. Reminds me of my guy, and how sweet he is. 


The thing I love about mantels and fireplaces, fake or not- I love how they are so transitional. You can change the styling for any occasion, and they are so versatile. 

This is currently how it's styled and I love it. It blends our kitchen and our living room together really nicely. Our home is a little oddly shaped, so this fireplace is actually the dividing line between our dining and living room. You can see that below. (Don't mind my messy dining room table. It's real life.)


I want to just dive right in and give you my design process & some design tips when it comes to styling a smaller, unique space. Let's go!


  • Books, books, and more books. They are timeless, classic, and always a good idea. I love pairing old books with any type of decor item. They honestly just make your home feel way more "homey."
  • Multiples. Ok, if you ever find yourself with two or three or more of the same general item, they don't have to be identical, but they are the same general thing- COMBINE THEM! I love taking multiples of things and really playing with them & pairing them up! I had that smaller wall tapestry hanging elsewhere in my house, and when I brought home the larger one, I knew I wanted to find a place for them to hang next to each other. They are a great compliment to each other and also tie in some colors with a lot of the neutrals going on in the house.
  • Simple. Keep it simple. Just because the mantel is 5 feet long, doesn't mean there has to be something on every inch of it. 
  • Get creative with how you stack your books. Bindings facing away, facing out. Maybe you want to lay a stack of them down. Play with them until you love the pairing.
  • For the bottom part of the faux fireplace, there's a ledge. So, I knew I wanted to put some complimenting items down there as well. My overall goal was for this space to look "cozy!"
  • I took a couple matching pillows in a pattern that I love, and stuck those in a wire basket. Pillows and blankets in baskets are always a nice accent to any random small space you're dealing with as well.
  • I always like to peek around my house when I'm redecorating and see if there's any items that could use a change of scenery. For me, I spotted this little fur stool that I'm in love with. I wanted it to be a more central focus. 
  • Think outside of the box. I have this small set of mirrors that have been in my closet for almost a year now. I never threw them out because I'm a decor hoarder and thought: "there will be a place for them sometime!" I took one of those small frames and set it on the stool and paired that with a plant. Boom. Done.

Sometimes I think it's so hard to give design tips and the method to why I designed something the way I did because honestly, it's all trial and error. If you like something, you like it. If you don't, you don't. 

I encourage you today to restyle a spot in your home and allow yourself to get creative! Remember, there's no wrong or right in design. Heck, I put a mirror on a stool and called it good. It's all in the designer's eye, and getting creative is so good for the soul!!

Get Styling!

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